Cooking class

Hue cuisine is divided into royal and ordinary food. Take a cooking class in Thuy Bieu Eco-village to learn more about the culinary world of Vietnam with its refined flavors and enticing aromas. You will learn how to distinguish fresh ingredients and properly prepare them before cooking. After your class, it’s time to taste the traditional Hue dishes that you have prepared. Our chef will be able to give his feedback on your skills.

Do not worry if you made something inedible or you did not make the best one, no one expects you to do it perfectly on the first try anyway. The local chef will prepare lunch for back up and you can eat and share the food together. One way to best experience the Vietnamese culture and enjoy the Hue specialty dishes.

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Cooking Class & Exploring Thuy Bieu Eco-Village

Cooking Class & Exploring Thuy Bieu Eco-Village

Many travelers can allow only one day for Hue Ecolodge. Typical but not touristy as Hue is the first place you should head to.

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Enjoy the beautiful nature of Hue and discover the day-to-day life and unique skills of the local craft people.


Hue Ecolodge has a special room reserved for foot herbal bath and massage service. Hue people have a large number of traditional therapeutic methods and we are very proud to bring the benefits ...

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