Hue is famous not only for historic sites and royal tombs but also for the peaceful rural lifestyle and friendly community. The biking tour in Hue gives you more the tranquil, peaceful, beautiful sightseeing in different villages surrounding Hue including green paddy fields, rivers, hill, handicraft villages, and old architecture, which Hue people keep in original appearance until now.

Beside that, it is an intimate way to experience handicraft villages. You can enjoy the beautiful nature of Hue and discover the day-to-day life and unique skills of the local craft people.

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Discovering traditional handicraft villages

Discovering traditional handicraft villages

Hue has an outstanding landscape and immense waterway. With this two day trip, you will have a chance to capture the essence of Hue: its idyllic scenery and beautiful riverside villages

This is a program for customers who arrive to Hue EcoLodge after lunch normally.

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Other activities

Cooking class

Take a cooking class in Thuy Bieu Eco-village to learn more about the culinary world of Vietnam with its refined flavors and enticing aromas.


Hue Ecolodge has a special room reserved for foot herbal bath and massage service. Hue people have a large number of traditional therapeutic methods and we are very proud to bring the benefits ...

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