Welcome to Hue 

Set on the banks of poetic Perfume River and backed by Ngu Binh Mountain, Hue is truly a “natural beauty icon” of Vietnam. The little city was once a capital, the seat of Nguyen Dynasty more than a century ago. Unfortunately, a large part of its majesty with royal palaces, elegant temples, formidable fortress and gateways was destroyed by wars. 

Despite its eventful and complicated history, Hue remains a peaceful and scenic city, rich in nature and culture. Just wander off a few blocks from the old town and you will find several hidden gems. Hue’s greatest appeal is not bomb blasted citadel in town or the royal tombs scattered around the hills along the upstream Perfume River. It’s the land, the people and the food that makes Hue everlastingly beautiful from any angle and unique in many ways.

Hue has a lot to offer, ensuring you an unforgettable holiday packed with fun, delights and local discoveries. It is absolutely well worth a several - day stay, not just a stopover.