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Massage centre

Hue Ecolodge has a special room reserved for foot herbal bath and massage service. Hue people have a large number of traditional therapeutic methods and we are very proud to bring the benefits of these natural treatments to all our guests, young and old. 

The massage room is designed in shape of a pavilion with two open ends, two baked brick walls and lovely round window, giving it an oriental touch. Its simple and rustic setting combined with tranquil atmosphere will put your mind at ease instantly. Mother Nature gives us all and with inexpensive ingredients like ginger, lemongrass and other medicinal herbs, our skilled masseurs will make you feel completely revitalized. Every point on your foot represents another part of your body, so foot herbal bath and massage is a brilliant way to enhance your health. All our massage team are people with vision disability from Hue Blind People Association and got professional training for the job.

Hue Ecolodge - Blind massage Hue Ecolodge - Blind massage 01

Hue Ecolodge - Blind massage 02