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Posted date: 2/5/2018 11:40:40 AM

Hue ancient capital – the last Vietnamese dynasty spent many the rises and falls, sorrows of a war, including the change was from monarchical to the democratic regime that the change in the times is indispensable law and suitable for natural law.

Nowadays, Hue is developing and step by step overtake difficulties and sorrows from the war. In order to catch up the times, Hue is incessantly the best try itself, but Hue is remained to keep rustic and simple features that you can see clearly in the villages in Hue. There are many breathtaking landscapes and famous architectures in this city such as: Complex of Hue Monuments, royal tombs, pagodas and scenic spots which all of them is mostly loved by visitors. Moreover, the cityscape is still meek and affable, quiet, serious, magnificent, polite and grace of the Royal style. If you are too familiar with history, the architecture of previous dynasties in Vietnam as well as in Hue city and you do not want to pay attention to things passed because you have read too much via guidebooks or the internet.
How about culture and people of the city? Both were also written by travel agents or journalists, but the experience is different to the knowledge that you read.
Hue city is known as one of the ancient capital cities in Vietnam, its remain to preserve the ancient villages until now. Especially, Hue is also famous for rustic and simple features of the old villages. One of these villages is Thuy Bieu Village. The old nice village lies on the right bank of Perfume River, around 7 km from Hue City Centre. Thuy Bieu village is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists for discovering ancient village with unique and special features on architecture and culture, a hidden charm of Vietnam village.
The village’s name is a combination of two old villages: Nguyet Bieu village and Luong Quan village. Nowadays, the two villages are being preserved seriously by the local Authorities. According to the general history of Thuy Bieu village, Nguyet Bieu village was formed in 1559 then Luong Quan was formed after that. Those two villages need be carefully preserved. The meaning of “Thuy Bieu” is a bowl of water (“Thuy” means water; “Bieu” means bowl). If you are on a plane, looking down from the plane, you will see the charming Perfumer River covering Thuy Bieu village like a bowl of water covering the green land.
Although the outside world have been changing and it is more and more modern. However, this village remains for itself the peace and ancient. Take a journey to Thuy Bieu, visitors will have a chance to enjoy both natural beauty and season fruits. Thuy Bieu is not only famous for rustic village views with the old gardens, fields, ancient wooden houses,… but also has a kind of pomelo which boasts refined fragrance and green skin which used to offer to the Royal family. According to Nguyen Dynasty historical document over 200 years ago, among of specialties across Vietnam, a mildly sweet fruit called in Vietnamese “Thanh Tra” is on the list as famous fruits of the land of the Nguyen’s Dynasty in that time and now, “Thanh Tra” is still loved by Vietnamese and visitors from abroad.
If you want to enjoy all the village views, you can take a bike trip and feel peaceful, fresh air, beauty water – colour painting from the village. Moreover, there are many amazing things that you can enjoy and discover while cycling through verdant roads on the early morning or late afternoon. The cycle takes about 5 – 6 hours and stops to see some the village sights.
Another special feature that tourists can see is old hundred-year village hall. This is one kind of buildings without partition which made from lots of wooden pillars which were decorated by carving the shapes of clouds, flowers and contains many cultural values. The outstanding representative of village hall construction is “DINH LANG LUONG QUAN” with a traditional architecture and three compartments. At here, there are two precious objects from MAC – LE Dynasty. This hall is approved culture and history of Vietnam.
There are no many places which can remain a lot of unique and ancient structures and architectures such Thuy Bieu village. One of the outstanding structures is Tiger Fighting Arena and Elephant Temple with the age of 183 years. Although many years pass, the village still keeps almost initial appearance with inside and outside wall, stand, stone steps and entrance gate.
Inside the village has the ancient house system (Vietnamese called “RUONG House”) with over 100 years old. This kind of house has many wooden pillars, there is no bulkhead inside with the architecture from China. Most of the houses are placed on the south, made of devout wood, forest type or jackfruit. Thuy Bieu village represents the typical architecture of Hue. When you come to Thuy Bieu Village, you will see the floating cloud, flowers or delicate balances decoration carving on the beams and columns as well art.
Furthermore, these gardens at this village has almost no barrier but low trimming tree as a demarcation with other houses like a symbolic meaning. Especially on harvest season of “Thanh Tra” pomelo, it brings Thuy Bieu the beauty of romantic picture that no place gets it.
On arriving in Hue, take your time to come to Thuy Bieu to be immersed in the romantic setting with tree-lined and shadow village streets, ancient “RUONG” houses with traditional red roofs, peaceful residence in a natural garden, with green fruits and rice paddy field.
This village is also some traditional handicrafts that you can learn on your way back the city as silk painting, incense stick, sesame candy and the most impressive is Hue cakes (Loc Cake and Nam cake) – a local food that visitors always remember and have to try it while traveling in Hue.
Visiting the village, tourists not only have a chance to enjoy and contemplate the beauty of nature, get a lot of valuable histories about the old village; unique kind of fruit called “ Thanh Tra”, local cuisines but also attend to some exciting outdoor activities to connect to local people. During involving daily life, Tourists will become a real Vietnamese farmer with some activities such as fishing, gardening, watering and so on. Especially, most of the women of this village are good at cooking. There are many cooking classes so you can join to practice then enjoy the dishes that you just cook with the support from these women.
The end activities, you will leave Thuy Bieu Village and enjoy the sunset and beautiful scenes on the banks of the Perfume River. Keeping rememberable moments and nuances of life during your day trip by bike and dragon boat.

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